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Welcome to Unpeel, where your journey to vibrant, youthful skin and a healthier, happier life begins. We dedicate ourselves to enhancing the natural beauty of our loyal patients, leaning on the expertise of our founder Dr. Laura Darby, an experienced physician specializing in health and wellness, functional medicine, skincare, and weight loss.

Partnerships with Leading Brands

We pride ourselves on partnering with industry pioneers like Antiage, Obagi, VI Aesthetics, and more. These collaborations allow us to bring you the finest products, ensuring your skin receives nothing but the best.

Your Health, Our Commitment

At Unpeel, your health and well-being are the heart of our practice. Dr. Laura Darby’s extensive knowledge in aesthetic medicine integrates seamlessly with our health/wellness and weight loss programs, offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

Client Testimonials

Lisa J.

Westminster, CO

Dr. Darby has been treating my black birthmark, which covers almost half of my face, and my scars for a few months now with her laser. The laser treatments she has used have definitely been helpful with my acne, and lightning and shrinking my birthmark. I enjoy coming to her office because of the cleanliness and peaceful atmosphere. Dr. Darby has been amazing at explaining the process and advising me on what products to use for best results. My skin is brighter, my pores are smaller, and I have gained confidence that my birth mark is looking better, which I never thought would ever be possible. I highly recommend Dr. Darby and will be forever grateful to her!

Andrea C.

Broomfield, CO

Now that I’ve hit my mid-forties, I’ve noticed more wrinkles, sagging skin, etc., which is why I wanted to try the laser treatments with Dr. Darby. I’ve been super happy with the results so far! Friends have commented that my skin is glowing, and looking more youthful. I can see that my pores have shrunk, the reds and brown spots on my face have decreased, and my lines have diminished. Dr. Darby is great. She explains the process well, including aftercare, and is very friendly. I highly recommend her!

Beth F. 

Thornton, CO

I am currently doing laser treatments with Dr. Darby for sun damage. Dr. Darby is great at explaining the process and listening to my needs. I am seeing results—fading of brown/sun spots, which was my primary reason for starting the process, along with a more even skin tone, reduction of pore size, and a healthy glow to my skin. My friends have said, “Your skin looks so bright.” I am looking forward to seeing my final results!

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At Unpeel, we’re not just about treatments; we’re about creating lasting relationships, educating our patients, and empowering them to change their lives for the better. 

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